Monday, July 11, 2011

Red, Vans and Rayban

For many weeks now, I have been bugging my brother to pose in one of my concept sessions. Basically, I  like to take pictures of female models the most, but I don’t want to limit myself in that aspect.  For this concept, I asked my brother to dress like Bruno Mars from the video “The Lazy Song.” In fact, my brother has a video where he impersonated Bruno Mars singing the “The Lazy Song.” I saw the video once but I couldn’t locate it in facebook anymore. If I could get my hand on it again, I will post it here in my blog soon. Anyways, I took the picture at my dad’s house. The weather was perfect for a photoshoot. Even though my model was my egocentric and narcissistic brother, the overall photography session turned out great. I actually asked my brother to do two sessions with me that day. I will post the pictures for the other session on my next blog.

You can also view more images on my photo blog

Model: Edward Tesoro

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