Friday, July 8, 2011

A Doll in the Attic

At last, here it is, the result of my first ever photography session. I must say, I am very much pleased with the results. My concept here is "Doll in the Attic". Unfortunately, we were denied the advantage of an actual attic setting, so we just had to make do of a rooftop setting. But so far, the results still turned out as I hoped they would. There was much light and the weather was perfect for the shoot. The model (Xiao Prieto) looked so pretty and she did great in her poses. She was very professional and she knew what poses I wanted to get from this concept session. This photo session didn't cost me anything. I had the dress hanging in my closest for the longest time and I thought it would suit this concept the best. I designed the dress myself and it was made from a plain black dress I bought from the flea market for only .50 cents. I just added the baby collar and the other white seams. Since, I'm a sucker for make-up, Xiao just choose her pick of colors for this shoot.

I first thought of this concept after I saw Xiao (the model). Here pretty dimples and round eyes really had me thinking that turning her into a doll would be the best photo concept. Thus, " A Doll in the Attic" was born. I had much fun with this photoshoot and I hope my readers would enjoy the pictures as much as I do. 

Model: Xiao Prieto
MUA: Xiao Prieto
Designer: Jessie Villegas
Photographed by BenJessie

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  1. Best concept and your lighting and angle are awesome, you are one of my best artist..

  2. hehehe... thanks tito ton... just used natural light and still using the kit lens I got with my camera.. can't afford the high end lenses yet... hopefully soon. Just adjusted my settings like you said. Your my best teacher after all.. learned every artistic skills I have from you...