Friday, October 14, 2011

My Doodle

I've been bugging my friend Xiao who happens to be very good in doodling to make me a doodle that I can use for my site. If you have read my previous posts, Xiao modeled in one of my concept photography "A Doll in the Attic". As a gift, Xiao promised to make me my own doodle. It took her forever to finish one for me but I was still happy she was able to finish it. Check out my doodle.

I just love the way she described me in my doodle. In fact, I have the exact same color of beret which I bough from Forever 21. I absolutely loved the details that she added like the camera and the long hair (my hair isn't that long yet by the way..) I will definitely conjure a life like version of this one soon..

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