Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Sticky Winter Experience

Last Saturday, July 25, 2011, Stickymedia Solutions Inc. held its 2nd Quarter General Meeting at Marigold Hotel and Restaurant. It was a great experience except that the theme wasn't fitting for the place. The place was a bit cramped and the air conditioner was set to a default so we couldn't set to full blast. However, despite the heat and the bad food, the event was a success and I still applaud the people who set the place up. The snow flakes cut outs were really attractive and with our costumes, everyone looked like we were all having fun in the snow.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Cake

Thank you Stickymedia Solutions for the very cute birthday cake you gave me... 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Practicing Photography

The flaws are obvious but pretty soon I will probably get the hang of it..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Joy of Having Siblings

June 13, 2011 was my boy's first day of class. We were all excited and I wanted to set up a new pace that is totally different from last year that would make them want to go to school. Lucius (the eldest) really hates going to school back then, so I wanted it to be different this year. I want to be involved more in their journey to becoming adults. The start of my involvement begins by waking up as early as 5:30 am (which is something I hate doing) and preparing their clothes, school stuffs, snacks and other school necessities. As I was picking out their clothes, I always want my boys to have similar looking shirts or clothes. This is the reason I always end up buying the same clothe design only in different colors. Its like I'm dressing twins which (for me) happens to be next fun thing to dressing little girls.

While my two boys were already dressed for school, I had to take out my camera and take their picture. I remember my younger years when my dad used to ask me and my brothers to line up close together like cadets in an army and have our pictures taken. I wish I had more pictures of my brothers and I back when we were younger. I only have this copy when I graduated from Pre-school.

After seeing this picture I just had to ask my kids to do the same thing. I was laughing really hard after I took my kid's picture. Just look at Benjam's face up close. You can really tell that he is up to something. My dad describes them as mischievous like Merry and Pippin in The Lord of the Rings.

One of the best things about having siblings is that you have someone to turn to whenever you are happy, sad, angry or just plain emotional. I would never trade my brothers for anything in the world. And I'm sure Benjam, Lucius and Zacky would feel the same way too.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Closest I Could Get to Wildlife Birds

When we were planning for our Davao trip, I thought we would see the Philippine Eagles. We really wanted to but the trip going to the reserve where the eagles are held is too far from where we were actually going. However, my kids and I were so happy to find out that Eden Nature Park has their own aviary and they house some very unique birds. And since my two boys loved the movie Rio (the animated movie about the adventures of a Blue Macau), they were both excited to see birds that they thought they would only see in movies. Paradise Island Beach Resort also has their own aviary so I also took some pictures of some of their birds there too. 

At Eden Nature Park, they have peacocks running around that are comfortable being around with people. This is an image of male white peacock who is obviously showing off its pretty feathers. 

Here are some of the wildlife birds they have in their aviary....

You might think that this bird looks like a chicken but actually its not. This is a female pheasant. But my kids still calls it chicken. LOL.

During our trip to Paradise Island Beach Resort, we also discovered that the resort has an aviary too. They actually have one of the most interesting looking birds and they even have a reindeer.

The kids really enjoyed looking at the birds that they don't normally see. Aside from that, they could name the birds that they saw from the movie Rio. I enjoyed the movie too especially the soundtracks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beach Buds

The best thing about our trip to Davao was going to Samal Island. I always wanted to try my hand at capturing images under the normal sunlight. It turns out that natural light, even intense sunlight can bring out the colors on your captured images. Mostly, I set my camera to landscape since I am only using the lens that came with my camera when I first bought it. This way, I can capture my subject and the beautiful ocean background at the same time.


As I was practicing photography with Canon DSLR camera, I found out that I like taking pictures of flowers.   I had my chance during my third day in Davao. I probably photographed all the flowers I could find in GAP farm..However, these were taken from Eden Nature Park.

These were taken from GAP Farm...